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i was thoroughly disappointed.

fucking sucks

this is crap, and i wish i never gave you view that i did. is this even historically accurate? or were you just going for horribly done violence?

and a few other points:
-most dead people fall over. you seem to have that backwards, whereas, in here, most of them remain standing, and SOM fall over.
-the artwork seemed half-assed, save the one scene with the sniper rifle. did someone else do that for you? the style seems immensely different from the rest of the flash.
-the soldiers retreat to the right. if you knew anything of screenplay, people read left to right. so visually speaking, they are "advancing".

kartman455 responds:

It doesn't need to be physically nor historically accurate. After all, it is just a cartoon. I wouldn't know about screenplay since I am not a professional cartoon maker. I don't know what you mean by advancing, because they are retreating.


i was amazed at the quality. but disappointed about the short length. keep these coming!

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the varied attacks are kind of interesting.

the graphics aren't bad. the gameplay would be good if certain things were different. i don't like how you have to hold the attack key down to perfom an attack. the animation stops dead if you tap it. why?

the sounds were all ripped straight from WoW. i know this is based on the game, but i don't think that's grounds for ripping the sounds, unless you got permission from the devs of course.

good concept

i wish you had spent a bit more time on this. this is a great concept for a game, but the graphics amke me sad. :(


come on dude, couldn't you think of an original title?? or was this pure coincidence? check out MY submission, zombie horde! on newgrounds.

Aegean responds:

Pure coincidence. Nice game.

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you are awesome

serious points for originality. i laughed my ass off! haha. i wish i was working on a project where i could use this. thumbs up.

Southwest-MC responds:

haha thanks.


i like the main guitar riff. the off-snare that goes with it is pretty cool too.

i was surprised to find this under someone who's name was dj-something. awesome though.

DJ-StarScream responds:

Hey thanks for the review!
I am an actual dj who works the clubs, but i sumtimes record my self jammin with my friends. this was one of em

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